Morrison Outdoors logo Designer Seattle Alex Van Gilder Brand Identity Logo

Morrison Outdoors is an outdoor brand focused on creating products that allow families to safely take their youngest family members on memorable camping trips. I created a brand that focuses on the fun and creative energy kids of all ages bring to a couple days spent in the wilderness!

Cuppa Gogo coffee logo Designer Seattle Alex Van Gilder Brand Identity Logo

Cuppa Gogo is a coffee truck and they came to me to get their entire brand established. The client gave me a ton of creative control to really make the brand stand out among other coffee trucks in the area. This project was/is a lot of fun and I am excited to do more work on it as the company continues to expand. Learn more in the case study!

90 Second Reviews logo Alex Van Gilder Designer Seattle Visual Branding designing

90 Second Review is a Youtube channel that reviews video games and movies in 90 seconds or less. The client came to me needing a full brand for this new venture of theirs. In a space that is so heavily saturated with clicky-bait thumbnails, I am proud of the brand I was able to establish for 90 Second Reviews. I also like the simple, short and sweet opening intro for their videos too. Learn more about all of it in the case study!

xtra labratories branding logo re-design redesign package design interaction UX UI interaction experience Alex Van Gilder

xtra laboratories came to me with their fledgling company and wanted a rebrand. They wanted was something that was clean and modern. The floodgates opened and a treasure trove of ideas were drafted, refined and mocked up. I also wanted he brand to be easy and simple to understand. This helped the team at Xtra make a lot of their own content, such as social media posts and banners. Over the years, I’ve done the branding, early website design, labels, packaging, trade show booth design, web elements, and the list continues to grow! They were so happy with the work done with xtra laboratories, that they asked me to work on…

Check out the website if you want to see more.

Agate therapy group Seattle Designer Branding Alex Van Gilder

This is the beginnings of a brand I designed for Agate Therapy Group. There’s multiple concepts with this one, so lets get into them: Each letter a different color to represent an actual agate, and to represent a progression through therapy. When one starts they’re often in a dark place, and as the journey progresses, the darkness begins to lighten. Each letter is also connected to be a representation of ones life, each big chapter connecting into the next chapters. There’s a lot of contrast between the thick & thin parts of the letters to represent the times full of life (thick), and the times where one feels stretched (thin). And when it’s all viewed as one solid piece, it creates a beautifully full life.

Let me know if you want to learn more about this

Fuego CBD branding logo work re-design redesign UX UI interaction experience Alex Van Gilder

Fuego CBD! Fuego would be another company they needed branding work done for. With Fuego, they had a pretty good idea on what they wanted the logo to look like; however, they needed help with tying it back to xtra laboratories and flushing out all the logistical bits of the brand. The projects I’ve worked on with Fuego over the years are very similar to the work I’ve done with xtra laboratories.

Peep the website if you want to see more!

The Car Camp Company logo branding re-design redesign UX UI interaction experience Alex Van Gilder

If there’s one thing people love doing in the Pacific Northwest, it’s going on weekend long adventures into nature. For people equipped with the right vehicle, their car/truck/wagon/hatchback often becomes their tent. The Car Camp Company is a company that helps make these car camping trips possible. They have dozens of vehicle measurements on file, so you tell them what car you have, how many drawers you want, and BAM- they start working on your sleeping platform. They wanted a brand that was really simple and a logo mark that drove home exactly what the company is without words.

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The Approach Logo design Branding design UX UI interaction experience Outdoor PNW Alex Van Gilder

The Approach is a platform that connects amateur explorers with trained guides who lead them on exceptional outdoor experiences. The delta of the logo represents a mountain with a flowing river at the base. The negative space between the mountain and river represents the trail one would walk as they’re taking in all nature has to offer. The whole thing is neatly packaged together to also look like an “A”, the first letter in Approach.

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Polka Dot Jersey Seattle Cycling Bike shop Merch PDJ Illustration Design Environmental design Logo UX UI Interaction experience Alex Van Gilder

The Polka Dot Jersey has a great reputation for working with artists within the biking community to design new merchandise. PDJ is a bike shop that straddles the line between a mountain bike shop and a cyclocross/gravel bike shop. This concept has the each respective side battling it out in a race through the woods, both riders (mountain bike riders, and cyclocross/gravel riders) letting out their inner animals to win this friendly competition. The design was mainly made for Specialized Purist bottles, but was also modified to work on a shirt too!

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