Valve Software Steam Store Visual Designer User Experience User Interface Alex Van Gilder

As a designer at Valve Software on the Steam team, my bread and butter was designing and implementing assets for all promotional events, launch events, along with the yearly sales. The theme and supporting assets for the yearly sales are always a blast to work on. Valve Software is known for having a flat structure (no managers, everyone is responsible for themselves and their own work) and it was great learning experience to self-criticize my work to the best it could be. With the Steam active user base eclipsing 125 million, it’s safe to say that the day to day work I did was seen my millions of people daily.

Here’s a selection of the things I made over the years.

Valve Software Lunar New Year Sale 2016 Illustration Design UX UI interface design Alex Van Gilder

Every year, Steam has a couple of big sales that users really look forward to. In 2016, with rising popularity of the Steam platform in Asian countries, we decided to have a Lunar New Year sale. With this being the first sale of it’s kind, we were really free to try new things. We decided to tell the story of a Monkey (2016 was year of the monkey) who was going home to visit his family. To tie in the sale aspect, we decided on a choose your own adventure where each choice would reflect the kind of game users were shown (Driving, Strategy, FPS, etc). The sale was successful and it was amazing to see our ideas come to life. Worked long hours with the homie, Koji Minami on this one.

Here’s a deeper look into the assets we made for this project.

Valve Software About Us page re-design redesign After Effects Motion Design UX UI User Experience User Interaction Steam Alex Van Gilder

With the Steam platform becoming more and more popular every year, the features of the Steam platform are also growing at a similarly rapid pace. Since it’s not easy to parse out all of the Steam features in a linear list, I decided to take a more cosmic approach. Inspired by the “Steam Universe” (how it’s often referred to internally) I designed more of a solar system approach, with each globule being a Steam feature (bigger ones are more important features, smaller ones are less prominent features) and hovering over gives you a little blurb about what it is, and a link to find out more information about it.

Trying to learn more about this? Let me know!

Oh, you wanna see it in action? Check it out over here!

Valve Software Steam Wallet cards logo design UX UI User experience User Interaction Design re-design redesign Alex Van Gilder

These are pre-paid gift cards that you can buy and purchase your digital games directly on Steam. Simple concept. Great for parents/grandparents to give to their kids. It was also popular in countries where less people have debit/credit cards to purchase games. They could buy these cards with cash, and instantly redeem them for games. The cards were printed in thirteen different languages and distributed all over the country. Since we’re living in an increasingly digital world, I’ll likely never get to do another project that will have a physical presence in as many corners of the globe as this project. I really like this project for that reason.

Get at me if you want to know more!

Valve Software The International DOTA2 DOTA 2 tournament Video Games Championship 2016 TI5 Logo design Space design environmental design Seattle Alex Van Gilder

The International is the biggest e-sports tournament in the world. Sixteen DOTA2 teams battle battle each other for an over $18 million (in 2015) and over $20million (in 2016) prize pool. I was able to be part of the 2015 and 2016 years. I played more of a hired gun role for these events. Going where ever I could be the greatest value to the team. I did printed materials such as hanging team banners, event signage, character art, decorative column wraps, attendee’s badges, motion work (players cards, team cards, player intros) etc.

Here’s some images of the event, littered with assets I made.